Vintage Staffordshire Figural 9" 3 Monkey Teapot/Pitcher

Nature Land Candles

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This Nature Land Candles offering is for a Vintage Staffordshire Figural 9" 3 Monkey Teapot/Pitcher. This monkeys have brown fur with tan clothing. The large monkey is sitting on red and tan stones. One of the smaller monkeys is holding on to the large monkey and is the spout. The other smaller monkey is on the back of the large monkey and what looks like an apple in its mouth. The apple is missing the lid. The teapot/pitcher is 9" tall, 9" from the handle to the spout and 5" deep. The underneath side of the teapot/pitcher is stamped with a raised diamond or what looks like a crown. The monkey is in good vintage condition. The bottom has some crazing and a hairline crack. I was able to fill the monkey with water and it did not leak. Please see the pictures for details.

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